Rich Sbardella With Termite's Delight

Great dance last night! Our caller was Rich Sbardella who made his Round Hill debut -- and completed his goal of calling every dance in Connecticut. His mix of contras, squares, and mixers made for a lively and enjoyable evening. The music by Termite's Delight (Chris Carpenter, Michael Gorin, Susie Dean, and Joe DePaolo) featured a variety of instruments which made for a energetic medley of dances. We had over 40 dancers for the first time in quite awhile. I believe we only lost about $6 - right Evelyn? Some old friends joined us, along with another 10 or so new dancers. Bob and Tova have generously donated funds to underwrite another dance - Hurray for Bob and Tova! This dance sparks a b

Bill Fischer With The Fiddleheads

A big thank you to all of our volunteers who helped with setup, etc. We are grateful for your help and could not continue to put on this dance without you. Our friends the Fiddleheads provided lively and enjoyable tunes to Bill Fischer's calling. We had a robust group of beginners with us in the hall, and they proved to be incredibly adept at learning all of the figures and movements. Bravo! We had a number of old friends dancing with us as well as many new ones. We hope you all come back and join us in two weeks for our Thanksgiving Dance!



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