David Lindsay With The Swiveling Swivets

After an August hiatus, Round Hill returned with a hot dance -- and some cooler weather. Approximately 35 dancers came out to dance with caller David Lindsay and the Swiveling Swivets to a mixture of contras, squares, and English-country inspired dances. Thank you to everyone who brought refreshments! Long-time Swivets Ellen Cohn on piano and Gary Wikfors on mandolin were joined by Pitnacree alumni Justine Cefalu on fiddle. During the break, Ellen gave a warm remembrance of former bandmate Stacey Phillips who passed away suddenly in June of 2018. In a funny anecdote, she described how Stacey was a keen Scrabble player -- and that she and Stacey had an argument as to whether "swivet" was in

Stamford MakeFest 2018!

On Saturday, September 15th, Round Hill participated in a pop-up contra dance that was a part of the Makefest occuring along Bedford Street. Curious passersby and regular dancers mingled to a free dance sponsored by the Ferguson Library.



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