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Don Flaherty With 4WD Pickup

Well it was certainly an interesting evening! The music was so good and the caller and dancers had to be very creative. We laughed a lot! Thank you to 4WD Pickup (Bill Garbus, Gary Wikfors, Pat & Norm Plankey) for serenading us.

Thanks to Fred, Bob, Debbie, Oliver, Steve Russ and Mark Sunshine for doing all that needed doing and to Michelle Sagalyn, Michael Sagalyn and Debbie Chapman for showing up and making it possible to dance! We called it a night at about 10:20, cleaned up and were on our way home by11 pm. The hall was nice and warm by the way.

(The dog came with caller Don Flaherty who was unexpectedly dog sitting and had to bring "Roy" with him.)

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