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Carl & Chloe Levine With Brooklyn Swing Ensemble

Well that was dancing! We had a great time last night. Condolences to those who couldn't be there! Thanks to all who came and all who helped out. Our Facebook group is back!

Carl and Chloe called a lot of interesting dances and the Brooklyn Swing Ensemble was fabulous. Magda - you missed it! :-( Happy day-after-birthday Madelein! Evelyn we missed you too and hope you'll be back in good form next month.

Remember next month we dance on Sunday afternoon, June 12, 2-5 pm, and we'll have the potluck after the dance, so be thinking of dishes to bring that don't have to be piping hot when they go on the table. We will be able to warm things if necessary and there is refrigerator space.

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