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Ted Crane With Fingerplay

For those who couldn't be there, the dance on the 10th was a fine evening to the extent that we had 31 or 32 dancers! - big turn-out ;-), Ted Crane did a great job of calling and Fingerplay's music was heavenly. More people stayed after the break than usual and all in all the dance was a lot of fun. Evelyn had her first experience as our new treasurer and Debbie handled refreshments with the assistance of Barbara Mountain and her friend Mary. Barbara and Mary also helped with set-up!

We were stunned after the dance when Jonathan Brandt returned $200 from the bands' fee as a donation to Round Hill! What a wonderful surprise!

Fred came to the dance and enjoyed being free of responsibility. We were happy to see Magda and Caterina and Joe Mittel as well, and Ken Goldman.

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