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Alex Deis-Lauby With The Swivets

Thanks to all who worked to make the dance run so well last night.

Oliver transported our caller from and back to the train station, besides making announcements and baking goodies. Evelyn did a great job with sound. Barbara and Judy, you are the best! You were on the spot with setting up and taking care of the refreshment table. Daniel pitches in wherever needed and bakes too! Debbie, we understand you can't get there early - don't fret about it. Thanks for bringing good cheer - and seltzer - and overseeing clean-up. Bruce is the "expediter" and motivates us to get clean-up done in record time! Magda and Madelein, we're so happy to have you with us and appreciate your helping where needed. Thanks Fred, for showing up! Newcomers John and Barbara McKay arrived early and helped out where they could. Chris O'Neill brought cider last night

Wasn't it great to see 11 year-old Haley, from Durham, sitting in with her teacher Stacy and the band? Her parents enjoyed the dancing, and Haley's little sister came too.

All who left before the end: You missed it! Alex had us doing some unique dances, including a square with 2 of the couples consisting of 4 people - a "siamese twin" for each partner. Mark Sunshine took some video of that which might be available for viewing at some point. We laughed a lot.

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