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Bob Isaacs With Mink, Sock, and Ellen

Round Hill inaugurated its change to fourth Saturday dances with a big turnout. Nearly 60 dancers were in attendance including some 20 beginners. Bob Isaacs called a mix of simple yet engaging dances to keep everyone's feet moving to the lively reels and jigs of Angus Mossman, Eric Boodman, and Ellen Cohn.

We were thrilled to have two full lines stomping up and down the floor. The hall stayed full well past the break. Bob called a rare Zia formation dance which rewarded both experienced and new dancers alike.

As announced, there will be no February dance. We look forward to seeing all of you at our March 25th contra featuring Steve Holland and Brooklyn Swing Ensemble. We look forward to seeing another boisterous crowd to blow the doors off the Stone House.

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