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Sue Gola With David Sidman's Elastic Band

Despite some hot weather, nearly 50 dancers turned out for Round Hill's first dance of the Summer! A big thank you to Barbara, Chris, and the other dancers who took turns keeping the water station stocked -- and to Catherine for bringing some extra fans.

Fifteen new dancers joined us for a mixture of graceful and lively contra dances, and we were delighted to see some newcomers from our April and March dances returning to spend another evening with us. We had two sets going for most of the night which made the hall feel energetic.

Thank you to Daniel and the other dancers who brought treats to share at the break. It was also a good night for waltzing with some of the experienced dancers teaching newcomers the basic steps.

Sue Gola came up to call for us while David Sidman and his Elastic Band provided the tunes. He was joined by Michael Gorin on fiddle, Jimmy Coen on guitar, and Erin Michet on mandolin.

Our next dance is on July 22 with Bill Fischer and Mink, Sock, and Lutie. There will be a break in August, so please get your "kicks" with us in July if you're in town.

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