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Bill Fischer With Mink, Sock, and Lutie

Over 40 dancers joined us for our July dance. The seltzer was cold, but the tunes were hot courtesy of our friends Mink, Sock, and Lutie (Angus Mossman, Eric Boodman, and Ellen Cohn) who also played our January dance. Also returning was Bill Fischer who called for us in November. It was a pleasure to share an evening of song and dance with them!

In addition to his fiddle, Eric added some foot percussion (podorythmie) which is a tradition found in Québécois and Acadian folk music. It added a delightful driving energy to the dancing which can be seen in the above video. Angus joined in on his Irish whistles for this set though he also played his mandolin throughout the evening.

Fortunately for us, the weather cooled off somewhat after a hot, muggy week. Thank you to Bob, Tova, Ev, Carol, Bruce, and the other volunteers who kept the water stations manned, set up the sound, etc.

Bill kept the dances balanced between the abilities of both the experienced and new dancers. Dances on the shorter side to allow for more frequent water breaks, but it also allowed for more opportunities to meet new partners. At the break, he graciously provided a tutorial on waltzing for new dances looking to join in on an old contra dance tradition.

We will be taking a break for dancing in August! Our next contra dance will be on September 23rd featuring the music of Wry Bred and caller Michael Kernan. We look forward to seeing you there!

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