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Bob Isaacs with Danny Elias, Lauren McDonald, and Ben Hemmendinger

Thank you to everyone who came out for the dance. Lots of people had the courage to venture into unknown territory, and they were rewarded with a joyous evening of dancing and inspiring music. Bob Isaacs called a program of very satisfying dances, well-geared to the various dancer levels, and he capped the evening with one of his trademark Zia squares - all great fun!

Danny Elias and his clarinet (and voice), Lauren McDonald on fiddle and Ben Hemmendinger on piano, accordion and guitar transported us to dance heaven. The room's low ceiling and hard floor made it a challenge for soundman Bob Spaulding, but he brought it under control masterfully. Thanks to all who contributed to the bountiful refreshment table.

Tova and Bob, Evelyn and Joe Mittel served on the search committee, with support and advice from all the other committee members. We all worked hard on this dance and it paid off. Thanks to First Congregational for working with us - financially and in publicizing the dance. At least three church members attended. A big thank you to Rob Godzeno, our liaison with the church, who attended to all the details of making our dance work in their hall, and to Denise Moumene who urged us to consider her church as our new home.

There will be no dance in February. We will be dancing here again at the First Congregational Church on March 24th with Ridge Kennedy and our friends the Fiddleheads, Hope to see you there!

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