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Ridge Kennedy With The Fiddleheads

For those who couldn't be there, we had a fine dance this past Saturday! The Fiddleheads - Jim and Willow Sirch, Gary Wikfors and Norm Plankey - were in great form and we enjoyed having them back on our stage. Ridge Kennedy kept people smiling and laughing with creative dances, and took very good care of our new dancers. The after-dance partyers headed off to Curly's Diner after the dancing and clean-up were finished.

We're adapting well to our new home, and although GPS sometimes confuses dancers trying to find the church for the first time, people are finding their way there. We had six new dancers. Please note that the address 1 Walton Place will bring you to the front of the church where there is no entrance. The entrance is from Bedford Street, via the driveway at the far end of the church property. See the website for driving suggestions.

Thanks to all who came and helped with set-up and take-down and brought treats for the refreshment table! The next dance is April 28. Debbie, we miss you and hope you'll be back in dancing shape by then - or at least doing well enough to come and add sparkle to the evening!

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