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Billy Fischer With Bill Walach and Dave Howard

After a hiatus in May due to the Memorial Day holiday, Round Hill's dance season resumed on June 23 for the first Summer contra. The weather was a bit humid, but it didn't diminish the spirits of the 35 dancers in attendance. Several strategically deployed fans, including an industrial size behemoth at the end of the line, helped keep things cool.

Our friend Billy Fischer called a fun mix of dances that were equally enjoyable for newcomers and experienced dancers. The duo of Bill Walach and Dave Howard provided a great acoustic dance beat on mandolin and guitar respectively. We were treated to medleys of fun folk tunes such as "Yankee Doodle", "The Girl I Left Behind Me", and "The Sailor's Hornpipe" which aren't usually chosen for dance music.

At the break, Billy lead a short waltzing workshop to help newcomers and other dancers become better acquainted with basic step of the dance. It was great to see so many folks up and dancing together! And thank you to everyone who brought treats to share. We had an impressive spread of tasty things to eat at the break.

Round Hill's next dance will be on July 28th with Steve Holland calling and Kitch N' Sync providing the tunes. We'll make sure to have plenty of cold seltzer, fans, and other measures to beat the heat. We look forward to sharing another dance with you.

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