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Steve Holland With Kitch 'N Sync

Yes it was a bit hot, but we had ice cream and lots of fans and the dance was so much fun that we didn't mind sweating - well not much anyway! It was good to see quite a few old friends on the dance floor, plus several new faces (including Eric and Bonnie from Meetup). Thanks Debbie for bringing along your square dance friends - they are good dancers.

Getting Ready for a Waltz

Our own Steve Holland called "cool" dances and we had an amazing orchestra including Britt Goodman on hammered dulcimer and Robin Reid on guitar (2/3rds of Chicks'n Sync), Jane and Jim Prentice on fiddle and concertina, and Allan Preliasco on bass (all of Still, The Home Grown Band, from Cornwall, CT). Wow! They called themselves Kitch'n Sync.

We all enjoyed the famous Round Hill refreshment table and give a big thank you to Karen for thinking to put ice water on the table instead of straight out of the tap - very refreshing! Thanks Oliver and Dan for delicious baked goods - and also whoever brought the chips. We needed the salt!

Round Hill's next dance will be on September 22nd with David Lindsay calling and tunes by the Swiveling Swivets who will be honoring their friend, the late Stacy Phillips. We hope that you can join us to celebrate Stacy's life and legacy of music.

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