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David Lindsay With The Swiveling Swivets

After an August hiatus, Round Hill returned with a hot dance -- and some cooler weather. Approximately 35 dancers came out to dance with caller David Lindsay and the Swiveling Swivets to a mixture of contras, squares, and English-country inspired dances. Thank you to everyone who brought refreshments!

Long-time Swivets Ellen Cohn on piano and Gary Wikfors on mandolin were joined by Pitnacree alumni Justine Cefalu on fiddle. During the break, Ellen gave a warm remembrance of former bandmate Stacey Phillips who passed away suddenly in June of 2018. In a funny anecdote, she described how Stacey was a keen Scrabble player -- and that she and Stacey had an argument as to whether "swivet" was in fact a proper word. She prevailed, and Stacey became rather enamored with the definition (a fluster or panic) that he decided to use it for the name of his new band.

The evening was concluded with a rare nyckelharpa duet between Gary and Justine playing "Josephine's Dopvals". Ellen switched to mandolin and the group set up in the middle of the hall as dancers waltzed around them. It was quite a treat!

Round Hill's next dance will be on October 27th with newcomer Paul Morris calling to tunes by NYC's Gotham Gals! We hope that you can join us to celebrate an early Halloween and a festive Fall season.

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