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Steve Holland with the Sweet Cake Mountain Boys

Round Hill inaugurated its new venue home with a bluegrass contra dance! John Lawrence brought the Sweet Cake Mountain Boys to serenade us with old-time fiddle tunes and mountain-music favorites like Old Joe Clark and Angelina Baker. The 32 dancers that came out on Memorial Day weekend also enjoyed a soft wood floor, air conditioning, and a smorgasbord of home-baked treats.

We are VERY grateful to Steve Holland for stepping in at the eleventh hour as a substitute caller! With only a few hours of preparation, he put together a delightful series of engaging dances for our mixed-experience crowd.

Round Hill will return again on June 22nd with Sue Gola and Chicks 'N Sync. We're looking forward to having Britt Goodman, Robin Reid, and Julie Sorcek share some of their new tunes with us along with seeing what our counterparts on Long Island have been dancing to. To beat the heat, we'll have AC, cool refreshments, and plenty of fans. See you on the dance floor!

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