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Sue Gola with the Round Hill Community Band!

It was a treat to have LITMA caller and friend of the dance, Sue Gola, back calling for us again. She brought a mix of quirky and spirited contras that aren't commonly called here in CT. With just over 20 dancers in the hall, she occasionally had to improvise on her arrangements and calls to keep everyone engaged.

The Community Band returned to provide an eclectic mix of Irish, Scottish, Quebecois, Appalachian, klezmer, and modern tunes. Thank you to Ken Knox and Karen Manley who shared keyboard playing duties; Ev Avoglia who strummed guitar and ukulele; Bob Welsh for playing trombone and rhythm shaker; Oliver Gaffney for noodling on his clarinets and arranging the sets; and special guest Mickey Koth for accompanying the band on fiddle and flute.

Thank you to Catherine who staffed the door so that the usual admissions volunteers could play with the band. And thank you to Bob for setting up the sounds system and balancing it for all of the different instruments.

As promised, Carol cooled everyone off with ice cream. Thank you to Daniel and others who brought other snacks to share

Round Hill will have a special *FREE* dance on Saturday, September 14th as part of the Stamford MakeFest. Stay tuned for more information. The next regular dance will on the 28th of September back at the Senior Center with Steve Holland and Wry Bred.

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